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Fly Illuminator Backpack Fly Illuminator Backpack Cheese 5 out of 5 stars Great bag "Not gonna echo what others have said for the most part. It's a great bag with great compartments and is plenty reflective. I wish there was a pouch or pocket for a water bag though and the straps really need to be longer."
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Nelson-Rigg CAN-AM Spyder Tank Bag Nelson-Rigg CAN-AM Spyder Tank Bag Pogo - Australia 4 out of 5 stars Better than OEM, but... "I thought that the standard CanAm tank bag was a bit of a toy, but I used it to death. The NR replacement looked very good on paper. same shape but bigger (and expandable), extra pockets, waterproof cover... It mounts back to front. I don't know why, but it does. The map pocket sits almost vertical in front of the rider. The mounting straps are fiddly to use, but they stay put. The waterproof cover balloons at speed, and water is drawn inside. When the bag gets wet, the map pocket fogs up, and so the map gets wet. None of these is a show stopper, I have modified the mounts to mount the bag the right way round, and make them less fiddly to use, and I reverted to using a plastic bag inside the tank bag, just as I did for the OEM bag. Certainly good value, better in many ways than the OEM, but not quite what you would expect."
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When you need a little more than a backpack.

Taking a trip on a motorcycle can be the best way to get out there and see the world that mankind has ever invented. Carving through backroads, only half-caring if you make the mileage you're hoping to, contented just to ride. Well, trips like that require a bit more than just the regular old motorcycle backpack, especially if you intend on camping or staying out longer than a few days.

If you're just going on a day trip, or you just need quick access to a few things, a tank bag is your best bet. Ranging in size between a lunch and wallet carrier, to a towering affair that can hold as much as a large backpack, these bags also usually have a clear compartment on top to put your maps or motorcycle GPS in, along with having all the pounches accessible even when you're riding. For a look at what we mean, have a look at the Alpinestars Tech Aero bag, or for the person that wants one that can fit it all, have a look at the MotoCentric Tower tank bag. There are quite a few tank bags, some with magnetic flaps that require nothing other than setting it on the tank to install it, some have buckles that secure it. There's a huge array of sizes, brands and styles to choose from, so go check them out!

Taking a real adventure, or just need to take luggage somewhere? Then you'll be wanting to look into our selection of Tail bags and Saddle bags to fit the bill. Tail bags are exactly what they say, affixing to the tail of the bike and providing any kind of storage you need. And like the saddle bag section, some are even hard cases that can be unhooked from the brackets that come with them and carried around via built-in handles, like the Honda Motorcycle and Suzuki Motorcycle genuine accessories items. The decision between hard bags and soft is a tough one, the hard bags geared towards being waterproof and being able to withstand minor accidents, but the soft bags are more packable, lighter and have more options available.