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Leatt Youth Fusion 2.0 Vest Leatt Youth Fusion 2.0 Vest JacksDad - Bangor Pa 18013 Best pruchase I have ecer made "My 9yr old son races mini quads and was racing at the muddy creek national race, and was crushed by another quad that landed directly on top of him after a large jump. I think that chest\back\neck combo protection saved his life. The impact folded his head back when his head hit the (PADDED) cross bar on the handlebars and forced his chest toward the gas tank. He came out of it with just a concussion, and no neck injury!!! Please note!!!! the cross bar on the handle bars went into the opening of his helmet and he hit his bare forehead on the foam cross bar padding!! Be sure to have that padding in place when ever riding!!! If not for that Leatt Chest\Back\Neck protector and that very important foam pad on the cross bar of the handlebars, he may not have survived the accident !!!!!"
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Leatt Youth Fusion 2.0 Vest Leatt Youth Fusion 2.0 Vest xc530 - Ohio, USA Awesome Protection "I bought this for my son, who is 9. The fit is spot on and he says it is extremely comfortable. The craftsmanship is top of the line, what you come to expect from Leatt. The price is good considering your getting a roost guard and neck brace. Great protection for your kids. I defiantly would recommend this."
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