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Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Integrated Chain Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Integrated Chain Kevin - Southern Utah Great bike or motorcycle lock "This thing is heavy duty. Nothing is going to stop a determined thief, but this will dissuade most wood be jerks. They will move on and steal a less secure bike."
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Kryptonite Keeper 5-S2 Disc Lock Kryptonite Keeper 5-S2 Disc Lock Bikerdog - Florida Kryptonite keeper "This product works great, fits right on my Harley Rotor. Gives me added security!"
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Good Luck Superman

If kryptonite works against Superman then imagine how well Kryptonite locks work against even the most expert of thieves. This is no ordinary lock and far from an ordinary company. Kryptonite started keeping bikes safe more than 40 years ago and is the creator of the original bicycle u-lock. Kryptonite first made headlines in 1972 when company founder Michael Zane locked a three-speed bicycle to a sign post in New York's Greenwich Village. The removable parts were gone but the bike remained for 30 days.

Not Just for Pedal Power

Your ride may need a start key but that doesn't mean it can't "roll away." Kryptonite features a line of locking and security devices for motorcycles and ATVs, and MotoSport stocks what you need. Put an end to those sleepless nights fretting over whether a thief is looking to take your baby for a ride and stop making those mad dashes into a store out of concern you'll return more than empty handed. Kryptonite locks keep your motorcycle safe and secure no matter where you park.

Lock in with MotoSport and ask our experts what Kryptonite lock is right for you. We have locking cables, the Kryptonite Evo Lock-Series 4, disc locks and for an ultimate lockdown the Kryptonite Stronghold that comes with cement anchor bolts.

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