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ICON Stryker Field Armor Vest ICON Stryker Field Armor Vest OSR157 - Kissimmee, FL, USA real experience with ICON GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! "I just got into a bike wreck. hit gravel and sand on the road slid off into the grass. Hitting my Icon AIRMADA helmet off of the curb it cracked the helmet down the middle but kept my face protected with just a busted lip and minor concussion, also having my vest, icon gloves and boots on i broke no bones but the vest shredded just a little from sliding on the pavement and rocks but all in all icons gear protected me 100% as for the bike it needs cosmetic work.. I wont buy anything but icon after this accident i very much believe it saved my life."
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ICON Overlord Resistance Jacket ICON Overlord Resistance Jacket 2WheelSuave - Fontana, CA, USA Style, Comfort & Protection "I bought this jacket to replace my Icon Ti-Max jacket that I have had for 9 years. This jacket is very similar but differs in a couple ways. It seems more durable and thicker/heavier than the Ti-Max, which is great. I chose white for visibility and to stay cooler in the SoCal sun & weather but the big black protection on the back tends to get hot with no ventilation on the back at all. Otherwise, I love this jacket and look forward to riding for many years with it."
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