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ICON 1000 Truant CE Boots ICON 1000 Truant CE Boots Vespaman - West Virginia, USA Excellent boots "I have these boots since 2013, I am ordering another pair today. Truant are comfortable, good looking, durable. You ride in comfort and walk in comfort too. They look casual and stylish. I wear them all day at work when I commute on my bike. They have good insulation and ventilation; my feet are cool during hot days and warm during cold days. They are also water resistant- I was under heavy rain many times and my feet stayed dry. The only issue I've had so far- the front part of the sole had to be glued recently (after four years of heavy use). I am buying another pair today."
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ICON Field Armor 2 Boots ICON Field Armor 2 Boots Joey - Really nice "I only got the boots very recently but I can tell you they are very well made and comfortable. I bought half a size smaller than I normally wear and they fit absolutely perfect. The clips are made of actual metal and once flipped to the closed position you can press them down to click into place. My last boot's straps always came undone while riding. These style straps with a press in strap retainer seem to really keep them closed and secure. I can say I am very happy with them and only time will tell me now if they are as good as I think they are. Highly recommend."
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