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Hotbodies Racing TAG Fender Eliminator Kit Hotbodies Racing TAG Fender Eliminator Kit Sogeking - Houston, TX, USA QA needs some attention. For a 2010 ninja 250. "So the stock mudflap and centerpiece of the tail cover have a barb on each side that splits in half when the mudflap (lower half) and tail cover centerpiece (upper half) are separated. These two halves fit in a grommet/damper and help secure the LH and RH tail covers. This product replace the mudflap and must include the bottom half of the barb, but they merely have a triangular protrusion that does not fit in the grommet. I used some clamping pliers to crush the triangle into a nub approximately the same size as the stock barb. Also, it was missing nuts (the instructions said to use stock bolts and the supplied nuts, but there were none) so I had to run to the hardware store. It did come with a license plate light (a single led hotglued in a hole.) Make sure you put the license plate on before fastening the bracket to your bike. I assumed I'd be able to put it on last and that the holes would be exposed, threaded, or have a threaded well behind them because the instructions show the installation without the license plate, then a "finished" panel with the license plate on. That's not the case and I had to break down the tail end to redo. Once it's on, it's fine. Plenty sturdy. Close gap around my tail light. Less work than fabricating my own, which I only do for my favorites. TL:DR If you get this for an '08-'12 ninja 250, you may have to crush a protrusion on the HB bracket with some pliers to make it fit in the stock grommet. You may have to buy 2 nuts to use with your stock bolts. It has a license plate light."
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Hotbodies Racing Color Form Race Bodywork Set Hotbodies Racing Color Form Race Bodywork Set Crash - Virginia Bodywork "Had some issues with the belly pan not fitting properly. I did order it and got it the next day."
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