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HJC IS-33 Helmet HJC IS-33 Helmet damian - ventura,CA 4 out of 5 stars just wish their liners and padding would last long "I dont own a car by choice. My transportation is an 08 multistrada. my daily work commute is 126mi round-trip 5 days a week rain or shine this helmet fit beautifuly for about four or five months, then the foam in the cheek pads and now(at about 12months) the liner, has compressed to such a degree that my head feels like a BB in a boxcar! A little bit of an exageration, though it has rendered the helmet unuseable now. The parts are all available but for nearly the same cost I can buy the whole helmet! NEW! Not even on sale! just wish the guts were of a higher Quality. everything else is top notch, and this is my second is-33 and before it was a cl-33 same thing sans flip-shade (and no I dont sweat profusely). I do take care of my equipment,nor am I overly hard on brain-buckets. thats my two cents."
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HJC IS-33 Helmet HJC IS-33 Helmet maryccl19 - Mosier, Or 5 out of 5 stars Great helmet "Tried helmet on at store first. Fit is good a liitle tight at first but like helmet overall. Nice having shield exp when riding in the rain. Like best is visual field is better than riding with full face helmet. Little noisy but I always wear ear plugs when riding so not bad. Overall great helmet."
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