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Fly Ignitor Pro Heated Gloves Fly Ignitor Pro Heated Gloves PhineasPhil - Bailey, NC 27807, USA A Great Pair of Gloves! "I have ridden in these gloves (GL1200) down to 29^F, and my fingers never got cold. I have never had to use the hi setting yet. For me, above freezing requires only the low setting. There is plenty of insulation in them; to a degree this does reduce the tactile feel until you get used to wearing them. They really fit the bill for me. Oh, a word of wisdom- go to the Fly Racing web site and use their very simply method of determining your size. Do not assume that because you wear a certain size glove normally that these will fit. My experienced guess is that they will not. Using Fly's chart, I got the perfect fit the first time.,"
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Fly Ignitor Pro Heated Gloves Fly Ignitor Pro Heated Gloves CrankSpleenless - Charlotte, NC Nice and toasty "Just went for a ride in 22 degree weather. Kept my fingers warm. Not hot or sweaty, but warm. Had it set on the highest setting. I ride a SV1000s with sport touring bar conversion so my hands are more out in the wind. These did very nicely to cut the wind and keep my hands warm."
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Never Fear Cold Weather Again

It's a beautiful, clear January morning. The roads are clear, the air is fresh and the sun is begging you to ride. But it's freezing outside! Literally. Add a 60 mph wind against your hands and you'll need a crowbar to release your grip after 10 minutes. Beat the weather at its own game and grab yourself a pair of heated gloves.

Worth Every Cent

MotoSport has a full line of heated and warming gloves. Gone are the bulky, oversized gloves better used for trudging around in the snow. Today's heated gloves truly fit like a glove. MotoSport's selection includes battery operated with charging features and gloves that connect into your bike's DC outlet. We have heated glove liners for those on a budget and selections for women. Rain, sleet, snow and cold are no match against our selection of heated gloves and warmers. Don't let another winter spoil your fun on the road. Grab yourself a pair of heated gloves today.

Our selection of heated gloves offer great protection from road rocks and other debris and all provide water and weather resistant materials like a Carbolex shell, waterproof and breathable membranes from Drystar or Rainguard, among other technologically advanced protection and features.

Cozy Up For a Ride

Grab a pair of heated gloves and then check out our selection of heated pants and jackets. Ride in warmth and style and never let weather freeze you off the road again.

MotoSport has one of the largest selections of battery-operated and electric heated gloves on the web. Get free three-day express shipping on any order over $79 from MotoSport!