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Thor 2017 Equip Gear Bag Thor 2017 Equip Gear Bag BIGMIKE - MODESTO THOR GEAR BAG "I absolutely love this gear bag...grant it doesn't have the wheels, but unless flying its perfect for the average Joe all my gear,HELMET,CHEST JERSEYS, SHIN AND KNEE ELBOWS, BOOTS ETC... and still has room...the quality was something i was worried about because usually u get what you pay for and 79 bucks was kinda low...but when i got it i couldn't have been any happier. if your looking for a great bag this is it...just because you wear a certain brand THE BAG DOES NOT HAVE TO MATCH!!"
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Troy Lee Designs 2017 SE Wheeled Gear Bag Troy Lee Designs 2017 SE Wheeled Gear Bag Smiley - Menifee Gear On The Go "This is an great gear bag. Its is highly durable and easy to manage for those days at the track. I definitely recommend this one. Troy Lee is always an awesome brand."
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Where's the Trunk?

Surprise! Motorcycles do not have a backseat or trunk. Then where are you supposed to throw your stuff? One of the many wisest investments you can make as a motorcycle rider is to get a motorcycle backpack or gear bag. No, we're not talking the school yard version. You'll need a strong, but lightweight, weather proof bag that affords convenience and easy use.

If you're like any of us at MotoSport it's a good bet you'll invest in several styles and types of bags. Not all bags are the same and not all bags serve the same purpose. Our inventory includes motorcycle backpacks, gear bags, hydration packs and travel bags.

Motorcycle Backpacks

Motorcycle backpacks offer convenience and practicality for the work commuter or running small errands. Our line of motorcycle backpacks is extensive and we carry all the best known brands in the business. Depending on need, backpacks can be multifunctional with a number of pockets and accessories. Motorcycle backpacks vary in price and look, so check out our selection to see what best suits your style, budget and need.

Motorcycle Gear Bags

Motorcycle gear bags and travel bags step it up a notch and can often double as a suitcase when necessary. These bags offer more room to carry personal items and extra gear like a second helmet or extra pants and jackets just in case you run into stormy weather. Gear bags are ideal for those longer rides and to safely store your gear between rides.

Motorcycle Hydration Packs

Motorcycle hydration packs keep you on the road rather than stopping every hour to quench your thirst. Motorcycle riding is not easy and exerts a lot of energy. Even in cool weather the necessary strength combined with layers of protective gear makes you sweat and dehydration becomes a factor - fast. Hydration packs are smaller than a back pack and allow you to sip on something cool and refreshing as you enjoy the countryside.

MotoSport is the best place to find motorcycle backpacks, gear bags and hydration packs. We provide 90-day return policy and most orders ship same day. Want help? Call our toll free line 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert.

MotoSport offers fast, free shipping on orders over $79.