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Twin Air Dust Cover Twin Air Dust Cover Mac57 - Santa Fe, NM, USA This product will save you hours a week "I bought this unconvinced it would work, the only question would be why did i not purchase this sooner. Treat your normal filter as you normally would, then after the 15 min dry time, add your dry dust filter. It has reduced my air filter cleaning to once a week riding nearly everyday. It has also saved me money buying filter cleaning solution which is way over priced to begin with. Thank you Twin Air for saving me time and money."
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No Toil Filter Cleaner No Toil Filter Cleaner Zachatk1 - Jamesville, NY 13078, USA Makes it easy "The easy way to clean your filters. We use a 5 gallon bucket and warm water The no-Toil cleaner pulls out all the dirt. We do an after wash with Dawn dish detergent then a final water rinse and let filter(s) air dry. We have used the same filters for many seasons with no issues or wear."
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Looking to get more out of your bike?

Have you already installed a aftermarket motorcycle exhaust on your bike, only to find that the gain in power just made you want more? Well, the next steps are located here at Motosport. First off, why not replace your air filter with a high-flow unit? They're serviceable, which means you can clean and oil them yourself rather than throwing them away like the stock units, plus a whole lot more air can pass through them which, coupled with a nice free-flowing exhaust, can give you a noticeable improvement in power. Oh, and there's a healthy increase in sound, too. The industry leader in air filters is undeniably K&N, who makes filters for just about everything you can think of. BMC has upped their game with a BMC Race Air Filter, which they claim flows 25% more air than their regular filters, and they're available for a good selection of bikes. They're easy to install, easy to maintain and well worth the investment!

So you've done the filter, what now?

If you'd like to get that last bit of power possible out of your bike without resorting to taking the motor apart, it's time to take a look at the fuel injection and ignition controlled by your ECU, which is your bike's computer. In our 'Fuel Management ' section, we have a range of piggyback ECUs that plug in-line with your stock computer, the result being that you can now change your fuel map to eke that last bit of power out of your bike, dial it in for race gas, optimize it for the current weather conditions, and much more. With the Dynojet Power Commander 5 as well as the Bazzaz Z-FI system, that's only the beginning. An impressive array of add-ons let you upgrade your bike to include Traction Control, Quick Shifters and even an Auto-Tune system that automatically tunes your bike's fueling for optimum performance. Even if you don't pick up any extras, the ease of use that these systems have is legendary, even allowing you to try out different maps from the company that made your exhaust or even just your buddy down the street that has the same bike, by just uploading the map to the ECU via a USB cable. These systems are not for the faint of heart, not just to install but to actually tune it, so do a little research before you buy one. However, once you have it, you'll never need to change a chip again. Whenever you get an upgrade, even if you build an all-out race motor, you'll be able to dial it in perfectly.