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Thor 2017 Blitz CE ATV Boots Thor 2017 Blitz CE ATV Boots MX12 - "Great boot but runs small. Had to send them back for a larger size."
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Fox Racing 2017 Instinct Boots Fox Racing 2017 Instinct Boots Nick - Western Pacific Great Boots "I'm not a racer, more of a trail rider. Overall the boot has held up very well over about a years worth of trail riding. I grip the bike with my knees a lot which cause my feet to spread out more so there is some parts of the sole that are tearing, but nothing that I've noticed during riding. The boots come with extra clips and buckles but fortunitely haven't had to replace any of them yet. Out of the box they are very comfortable and hardly any break in time. I wear a 10.5 shoe so I got a size 11 boot and there's a little room in the toe, but it doesn't affect shifting or braking. I can't vouch for how easily they clean because I ride in red clay so all of my gear is stained red for the most part. I went back and forth between the tech 10's and these and I'm glad that I went with these."
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Motorcycle Shoes & Boots

Motorcycle riders never compromise. Be it a day long journey or a quick trip to the store we always gear up. Helmet, pants, jacket, gloves and motorcycle boots. Every piece of armor is attached to our body every time. When we're rushed and just want to get out the door it's certainly tempting to cut corners and the boot is often the first thing to go. The bottom line is motorcycle boots are indeed an aspect of the complete motorcycle image but in reality it's all about protection.

Motorcycle shoes, on the other hand (or is it foot?), give the best look and style when you're not riding. It's not practical or comfortable to walk around at work or the store in your boots so the best thing is to pack a pair of motorcycle shoes to slip on easily for walking comfort.

Our Motorcycle Shoes & Boot Collection

MotoSport carries an array of styles, sizes and fits. We carry almost 170 different boots from nearly 20 different companies. Each has its own look, style and features to suit individual tastes, comfort and needs. We have buckle boots, zipper boots, Velcro boots and even lace boots that cover your ankle and as high as your upper calf.

Our selection of motorcycle shoes, riding socks and boot accessories keep you comfortable off the bike. We also have several pairs of sandals, just remember, no riding with them! MotoSport's collection of riding socks fit your weather needs be it added warmth or extra ventilation for those hotter days.

If you're having trouble deciding on the best boot for your protection please don't hesitate to call us and ask one of our experts. We are "The Guys that Ride" so we can help you find the best boot to get you on your bike with the best feet and ankle protection available. Of course we also want you to look good off the bike so check out our selection of motorcycle shoes too!

MotoSport has the best selection of motorcycle shoes and boots on the web. We have what you need to find the right look, the right style, the right fit and the right protection. We provide a 90-day return policy and most orders ship same day. Use the size charts to help you take the guess work out of selecting your product. Even if a product doesn't fit, our hassle free return policy means we make it easy for you to get the right one.

Want help? Call our toll free line 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert.

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