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Pro Moto Billet Kick-It Kick Stand Pro Moto Billet Kick-It Kick Stand Colby - Conflicted - 2016 KX250F "okay so i'm a little conflicted on this. First off it seems well made and the spring is really stiff so I don't see it coming down after hitting a jump or brush smacking it. So now the poor parts of it.. it's almost too tall. the bike doesn't really lean over as much as I was hoping it would. I am contemplating cutting off about an 1" of the stand and re welding the plate back on. The way it currently is now, if you were to sit on it with the stand down it wants to dump you off to the other side. I was kinda hoping I would be able to kick my bike with this down but that wont be the case. Secondly, when I bring the stand back up to the set position it hits the number plate. so I have to manually hold the number plate out so it can go up without smacking into it."
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Fastway Evolution III Footpegs Fastway Evolution III Footpegs CMGMoto - NJ OVER 6ft TALL RIDERS NEED THESE!! "Let me start by saying I NEVER write reviews, this may be my second review ever. I am extremely happy with these pegs in the lowered position on my Yz450f! What an amazing difference from stock pegs. At 6'4" and size 14 boots I rarely could get comfortable riding. The day I put these pegs on my skills and confidence improved dramatically! Platform is wider I never ever lose footing while riding. After only 3 rides with these pegs I was hitting jumps three times the size I was used to. Extremely happy with these and I will continue to recommend them as a "necessity" to anyone over 6 ft tall and even a huge confidence boosting upgrade for the average height rider in the stock position due to so much added traction."
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