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Fly 2017 Kinetic Gloves Fly 2017 Kinetic Gloves Rowdy - Snohomish, WA, USA Good Gloves "I received these as part of a total package. I can normally get away with a medium glove (since large was out of stock) however I wish I would have stuck with large and just waited for them to come in. If you can get away with a medium glove...I would not recommend doing that with these gloves. I got a different pair in medium on my same order for another set of pants/shirt and they fit really good. Bottom line..if you wear large or just on the cusp of large...than get the large!!"
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Fly 2017 F-16 Gloves Fly 2017 F-16 Gloves TimM - Fly 2017 F-16 Gloves "great value. gloves fit well and have held up well. I would buy them again"
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