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Factory Pro Evo Shift Star Kit Factory Pro Evo Shift Star Kit levhi - its ok... "i ride a 03 gsxr 750. the kit only came with the star. after reading many reviews I was convinced that this would fix all "mis-shifts" (going in neutral between any/all gears) I don't know much about bikes but I was competent enough to install it myself w/ only a few complications. after installion the bike rode fine on the first try but still miss shifts between 4th and 5th gear. my friend said maybe i have a bent shift rod or something but i didn't see anything bent or unusual in there. i would recommend it to a person who doesn't have a 03 gsxr 750. it was at least a good learning experience."
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Factory Pro Evo Shift Star Kit Factory Pro Evo Shift Star Kit Shifties - Austin, TX Will significantly improve the feel of your shifts "I am not mechanically inclined, so I had a professional mechanic install this for me. (costs a bit more, but I have the guarantee that it was installed properly) Missed shifts are now a rarity with my bike. And shifting now feels more like pressing a button in an arcade game than trying to shift heavy, slow gears. The stiffer spring and modified shift star will result in less movement required to shift gears. Meaning quicker shift times. That's always a plus!"
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