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NGK Spark Plug NGK Spark Plug Veloc - PDX NGK or Bust (literally) "I've tried all sorts of spark plugs over the years, trying to save a buck here and there... Each time I've done so, I've had to go buy an NGK to get things running properly again. Overheating plugs due to inaccurate heat range rating, galled threads due to cheap metal in the base, insulator crumbling to dust, electrodes eroding extremely fast, and crazy misfires are all issues I've found with other, cheaper brands of plug. Not once have I had an issue with an NGK plug that wasn't caused by my own ham-handedness (socket slips, dropping them onto concrete, etc...). NGK for trouble-free operation."
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Vortex Oil Filter Vortex Oil Filter Veloc - PDX Handy alternative to K&N "K&N has had some serious quality issues as of 2015, so I begun looking for an alternative. The Vortex filter has been working well so far - no leaks, and the last one I cut open showed plenty of filtered crud trapped in the paper. Thumbs up!"
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Is your clutch slipping or dragging?

A Motorcycle clutch takes a heck of a lot of abuse. A few millimeters of friction material and a few steel plates is all that holds all the power of your bike, transferring it to your gear stack and ultimately to your rear wheel. If they become worn or, worst case scenario, the friction pads separate, you'll need a new clutch. Generally, a new clutch will last a long time even on track-only bikes, due to new materials being introduced like kevlar and carbon fiber. The EBC Street Racer clutch kit is one of those, impregnating their friction pads with kevlar for higher friction, longer life and better heat resistance. If you need a full kit that includes the drive plates (the flat steel plates that don't have friction material) as well as uprated springs, have a look at the Barnett Clutch Kit.

While you're at it, why not replace your clutch & stator covers with stronger, lighter and better looking aftermarket ones? Woodcraft makes replacement covers for just about anything that feature built in replaceable slider pucks to protect your engine in a crash. Just want something that looks trick? Check out the Yana Shiki Clutch cover with window!

Freshen up your motor!

The simplest way to keep your motorcycle's motor happy is to change the oil regularly. We have a selection of oil filters to fit your preference as well, from the industry leading K&N Oil Filters to Yamaha Genuine filters. We also have tools like the Motion Pro Oil Filter Wrench to make removing the filter easier, because no one likes having to stab them with a screwdriver to get them off.

Notice any leaks while you're in there? Take a few extra moments and replace any worn or leaking gaskets with fresh ones from MotoSport. We have Vesrah complete gasket kits that have all the seals, gaskets and O-Rings you need to rebuild your whole motor, or you can get specific and head over to out OEM motorcycle parts section to get exactly what you're looking for.