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EBC Standard Brake Pads EBC Standard Brake Pads MikeMike - Vermont, USA Organic EBC brake pads "EBC offers a full line of brake pads and shoes for motorcycles and atvs. They also offer choices of brake pad types for different riding styles. For general street use I prefer the organic pads. The organic material is much easier on rotors and are much less likely to develop the annoying squeal. Mike P"
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EBC HH Brake Pads EBC HH Brake Pads Kwfdaddy - Houston Best Product for the Money "Used EBC pads for 7years and have not found a better product. Pads lget good mileage and great stopping power."
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Stopping Power

You can stop right here.

If you can't then you probably don't have EBC brakes. An industry leader in perfecting the art of stopping, EBC manufactures aramid brake pads, sintered brakes, ceramic brake pads and carbon long life brake pads. EBC's rotor brake disc family includes cast iron for autos and our favorite, stainless steel for bikes.

No Compromising

Founded in 1978, EBC Brakes remains privately owned and was the first to develop a complete range of aftermarket brakes for the motorcycle industry. All motorcycle brake discs and rotors are made in the company's UK facility and all brake pads are produced in factories in the US or UK. EBC's philosophy is never to compromise on safety, and we agree. Brake products are safety products. EBC hand crafts its brake systems with care and the utmost focus on quality rather than cutting corners to save pennies.

MotoSport Delivers What You Need

MotoSport supplies a range of EBC products for your everyday needs. We have front and rear pads and your choice of rotors. We also have EBC brake fluid which is ideal for racing or high-performance bikes and can be used in all systems specifying DOT 3 or 4. When you need motorcycle parts, look no further than MotoSport. Not only do we stock the finest selection of motorcycle parts on the web - but if you're partial to keeping all the parts on your motorcycle direct from the manufacturer we've got you covered.

Our EBC Brake parts come direct from the factory to keep your motorcycle in top form and quality. EBC Brake parts provide the look and perfect fit every time. At MotoSport you'll be able to find the parts you need, from brake pads to discs. The next time you're itching to take your motorcycle past the limits, check out our EBC Brakes. Get the largest selection of EBC Brakes delivered to your door and free shipping on any order over $79 from MotoSport!