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GMAX GM11D Dual Sport Helmet GMAX GM11D Dual Sport Helmet Eric - Roseville, CA, USA Good Helmet, Great Price "Just received the helmet so i haven't had a chance to ride with it yet but the fit is great. It is very comfortable and light weight. There is plenty of room under the visor to wear eye-wear and air flow through the helmet is good so i didn't have any issues with fogging (could be a different story on cold morning rides, we'll find out soon). All in all seems like a great helmet for the price!"
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MSR 2016 Xpedition Dual Sport Helmet MSR 2016 Xpedition Dual Sport Helmet Kelty - Albuquerque, NM Awesome deal "Great lid for a great price. I got the hi-viz orange and also bought the mirror shield. The combo is real nasty and gets tons of looks, which as a street rider you definitely want. I know some people think the hi-viz colors aren't cool like a matte black but I'll take being seen over looking cool for someone else. Several times I've had people double take me in their mirrors or from drivers entering traffic. The helmet can be seen from a long way away. -Visibility is excellent -A bit noisier at high speed than I was expecting but whatever -aero is solid but you'll definitely be feeling a pull back at 80mph plus -visor swap takes patience so just be gentle with the plastic retaining clips on each side and remember to not tighten down the visor bolts too tight."
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