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GET C1 Hour Meter GET C1 Hour Meter Mark - Minnesota 5 out of 5 stars GET Hour Meter "Solid hour meter. Been on my bike for almsot 20 hours, no problems. Just make sure you clean the frame where you stick it really, really well. I didn't and the double sided tape didn't work well. I had to use a 3M command strip to hold it on. Works perfect now, but still have the safety zip tie on it."
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GET C1 Hour Meter GET C1 Hour Meter gth752y - Oklahoma City, OK, USA 3 out of 5 stars Very sensitive "Great idea but it seems to be reading the vibration from my truck when I haul the bike in the bed of the pickup. Looks good, easy to install, just not quite an accurate hour meter if you are going to be hauling your bike in the back of your truck. May work as designed with a trailer."
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Get accurate readings from your motorcycle.

Whether you've put a different size tire on your bike and just need the speedometer calibrated or you're building a slick dash for your race bike, we have everything you need to make it happen.

So, you changed your gearing and now your speedometer isn't accurate. It even happens if you just want to put a wider tire on there. A fraction off at 20mph could end up being 15-20mph off at speeds that matter, so why not correct is with a Speedo Tuner? A new design requires plugging it in and setting it up via a three-step process and you're done!

Gauges? We've got your motorcycle gauges.

You've built the bike you'll use to dominate the track. You've spend thousands developing your weapon and now you'll want to monitor every system to constantly improve the bike, as well as your riding. So why stick with the stock tach and temperature display when you could have the ultimate dash, the Starlane Athon GPS Pro Data Acquisition system. It has the ability to monitor and record every aspect of your bike's engine and suspension, plus has a built in GPS based lap-timer that will actually tell you what your best achievable time is around whatever track you're riding. It can acquire external sensor data, such as: throttle position sensor (TPS), suspension data, water temperature, exhaust gas, oil temperature, detonation, wheel speed, and engaged gear. Still not enough? It's expandable as well. Don't want to drop $1400 on it? Well, that's fine, they also make a $789 model without quite as many features, but more than most of us will ever need.

Just need an hour meter to keep tabs on how long your bike has been running? Check out the Moose hour meter and GET hour meter.

Improve your lap time.

Why not dial in your lap time with one of the many ultra-accurate lap timers we carry? If you want to get started with a basic setup, check out the XT Racing Mini Lap Timer, which gives you a simple display with only accurate lap times. Want more information? GPS based automatic track and start/finish line recognition? Telemetry and G-force measurements? If you want a no-holds-barred race computer that will give you definitive information that you need to dial in your bike and yourself, look no further than the XT Racing GPX Pro 8.