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Dainese C2 MIG Unisex Gloves Dainese C2 MIG Unisex Gloves Joey - Perfect gloves "I've been looking for a pair of gloves that didn't break the bank while still feeling super premium and I believe this is them. They are great in cold weather but not so thick that you wouldn't want to wear them in warm weather either. They fit very true to size for me and have been extremely durable without causing blisters during the break-in period. The knuckle cover is bendable yet very tough. It would be like wearing brass knuckles in a fighting situation. Overall these are the best gloves I've owned and I would highly recommend them."
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Dainese Blackjack Unisex Gloves Dainese Blackjack Unisex Gloves Faisal - Very good short cuff gloves "These gloves are extremely comfortable and even though I'm not much of a fashion person, but I find them aesthetically pleasing to the eye, very classic. They may seem a bit beefier but nothing that's uncomfortable or loose. Highly recommended"
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