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Nelson-Rigg Deluxe Motorcycle Cover Nelson-Rigg Deluxe Motorcycle Cover Vtwin535 - Southern California, CA, USA Nice cover "Seems to fit my yamaha virago 535 perfectly. Anyone who has a vtwin 250cc or little bigger the large size is great for a smaller bike. The quality well the meterial is like a windbreaker thin water resistant. Not sure how long it will last you may get 2 years out of it if you live in southern california but not more than that. Overal good cover and caryier bag for the money .."
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Tourmaster Elite Motorcycle Cover Tourmaster Elite Motorcycle Cover ChacStar - Hawaii Island Great Cover for my ride. "Recently bought this little gem for my FZ6. Does exactly what it says in the description- keeps your bike dry while protecting her from other elements too. I bought this because I live in Hawaii & rain is no stranger here. Got the one with the elastic-stretch bottom. Figured it would assist with any wind issues. Th only drawback there is that you can easily mess up your mirrors while adjusting the cover. Stretchy bottom is still new and may relax a little over time. I'm still REALLY PLEASED with this cover. Durable stitching and does have softer linings for you windscreen & tail section. Has a silver section on the cover making it easier to see at night. No "accidental bumps" - hopefully :)) Even comes with a travel bag for the cover. Really nice to have when tou think you may need it. I ordered a size L for my FZ. The next size up may be the trick with these covers. RIDE FREE!! Thank you Mototsport!!"
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Motorcycle Covers Protect Your Ride

The idea of a motorcycle cover may seem a little strange considering the bike sits inches from the ground, its engine is already exposed, and the dirt, grease and grime from the road constantly bombard the bike when in motion. We'll admit it, that's all true. But a motorcycle is a thing of beauty and the best way to keep it looking good is by using a motorcycle cover.

The fact is an idle bike faces other threats like dust, rain, the sun and even garage accidents and spills. Why further expose your bike to the elements when you can prevent further wear with a motorcycle cover? If your bike is parked outside, its longevity rests on how well it's protected. Rain and the constant beating of the sun can break down engine parts, leather and plastic components much faster than if a bike is covered. In the garage, there's always dust and the possibility of spilled liquid or other harmful substances.

High quality motorcycle covers offer water-proofing and UV protection to keep your ride newer, fresh looking and protected. Motorcycle covers are easy to take on and off and some come equipped with locking mechanisms.

MotoSport Has You Covered

We stock more than 40 different motorcycle covers from 12 different manufacturers. Choose from half covers, full covers and even motorcycle covers the entire bike fits in, including tires! Whatever your ride we have the right motorcycle cover. Choose from genuine Honda, Suzuki, or Yamaha GYTR covers or select a style you like from any of our other aftermarket specialists. We stand under them all!

At MotoSport you'll be able to find the motorcycle cover you need to keep your bike protected and looking new. Want help? Call our toll free line 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert.

Get the largest selection of motorcycle covers on the web and get free 3-day express shipping on any order over $79 from MotoSport.