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Pro Taper Evo Handlebars - Oversize 1-1/8 Pro Taper Evo Handlebars - Oversize 1-1/8 Liquidsilver - St. Louis, MO, USA Perfect fit "Replacement for stock KTM bars. Less than half the price of OEM, the bend seems to be exactly the same as stock."
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Driven Racing Riser Style Adjustable Clip-Ons Driven Racing Riser Style Adjustable Clip-Ons Nick - Beckley wv Ninja 300 Clip ons "Drivin clips ons are great quality. Didn't take long to install. Fits the ninja 300 great, would recommend to anyone looking for clip ons!!"
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It's all about controls.

Your motorcycle is a precise machine that reacts to the slightest input from you, the rider. Why not make it more comfortable while tailoring it to your riding style and position? We've got everything you need to make your bike fit you perfectly.

Motorycle clip-ons and levers.

Your hands control 90% of your bike, so you'll want the very best when it comes to adjustable levers and bars, whether you're just replacing a bent or broken lever or upgrading to an aftermarket piece of CNC machined, fully adjustable kit that will last as long as your bike and look awesome doing it. Starting with motorcycle levers, why not upgrade to adjustable units from ASV Levers or CRG Levers? Both brands make levers with adjustable throw, so you can customize where the levers sit to suit your preference, or adjust them out as your pads start to wear down from the heat of repeated braking on the track. The levers are made specifically for your bike and come in a handful of colors as well as having full faculty warranties against defects.

If you're looking for motorcycle clip-ons to replace your OEM units with adjustable items, we have a great selection like the like Woodcraft Clip-Ons and Vortex Racing Clip-Ons. Both feature CNC machined fork clamps and replaceable bars just in case one gets bent. They are also significantly lighter and stronger than stock as well! Be sure to measure your fork tubes before your order, just to make sure you get the correct size clamp.

While you're at it, you may as well get some new Motorcycle Grips, right? we have a range of grips, from the soft and grippy Pro Grip Superbike grips, which come in a range of colors, up to the Driven Racing D3 Grips, which are a 2-ply grip designed to prevent vibration, hand fatigue and arm pump. We also have Renthal Grip Glue to keep them secure on your new clip-ons.

Looking to replace a broken cable as well? Look no further than our Motion Pro section to find the perfect fit.

Motorcycle Rearsets and pegs.

Are your stock foot controls leaving something to be desired? Maybe they're just not comfortable? Most aftermarket rearsets, like the Woodcraft Complete Rearset Kit are designed to position your feet a little higher up and a little farther back, while a handful offer full adjustment by simply positioning the mounting bolts differently, as seen on the Vortex Adjustable V2 Rearset. The benefit of having positioning like that is to bring your feet up a bit so you can lean farther into the corners, while also making getting your knee down far easier. Also, no two people are the same, so having the added adjustment is a huge reason to make this your next purchase.

If you like your motorcycle rearset position, but the stock footpegs aren't cutting it, we have Yana Shiki aluminum footpegs in a wide range of colors for $50 a pair, along with others like Competition Werkes Footpegs and BikeMaster Footpegs.

Prevent tank slappers with a steering damper.

Have you ever experienced a tank slapper? It's a terrifying thing, especially if you can't save it. How can you avoid it? Well, the simplest way is with a Motorcycle Steering damper from MotoSport. Basically, the steering damper acts like a shock absorber for your steering, but instead of damping the up/down motion of your forks or rear shock, this helps out with side-to-side motion, thus virtually eliminating head-shake, or at least taming it to the point where you can easily stop it from happening. We have triple-tree mounted versions like the Scotts Performance Steering Damper and GPR V4 Steering Stabilizer, or the mount anywhere version from renowned experts Ohlins suspension. Check them out, read the reviews and make your choice!