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PSR Adjustable Kickstand PSR Adjustable Kickstand Hilary - Burlingame, CA Fit my 2008 Ninja 650R and well made! "I have a 2008 Ninja 650R and this fit my bike great! I was just surprised no instructions were included in how to install. At first glance it does not look like the holes line up, YouTube helped a lot. We used the "penny trick" to remove the spring (prior to removal with the spring in the extended position insert about 8-10 pennies between the springs and it takes the tension off the spring)."
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Champions Choice Cable Lubricant Champions Choice Cable Lubricant Floorthree - Plant City, FL, USA Cable lube "This is just what you need to keep your cables sliding smoothly. Use when you do your regular service to keep your cables lubed. A tad messy unless you also purchase the adapter that goes around the cable to help force the lube into the cable instead of all over."
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