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Scorpion Covert Helmet Scorpion Covert Helmet FoxFML - Grantsville, UT Don't Buy This Helmet "I read all the reviews before this purchase, from here and other websites, watched videos and picked this out of all the helmets I was looking at. To say that I love this helmet is an understatement. I don't want you to buy it because I don't want everyone else to have one. I'll give an honest review though. Pros: Extremely Light Weight Venting Is Perfect Looks Like Murder Doesn't Catch The Wind Cons: Loud Inside- A little bit of wind whistle plus my bike Ugly as Sin- When in any configuration that isn't fully put together Engineer May Be An Earless Monster- Placement for ears is slightly off, not uncomfortable, just different. So basically to summarize- really good helmet for the price range, looks amazing, comfortable, lightweight, kind of loud, but makes up for it with comfort and attitude. Please don't buy this helmet, you'll want to wear it everywhere and I won't look as cool."
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GMAX OF77 Helmet - Butterfly GMAX OF77 Helmet - Butterfly Vulcanbabe - Omaha, NE, USA Nice helmet "My expectations were met. This is a very nice helmet and it fits great."
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