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Biker's Choice Tool Kit Biker's Choice Tool Kit Scott - SLC, UT 4 out of 5 stars Decent set of tools. "Seems to be a good set of tools, not something I'd use to wrench with everyday, but it's a great set to have on the road. I'm confidant that I could fix most problems with this kit."
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Biker's Choice Curved Tire Iron Biker's Choice Curved Tire Iron Clay - Thornton, CO, USA 5 out of 5 stars Curved Tire irons. "What's not to like? I've spent the last 50 years changing tires, fixing flats, and re-spoking rims on motorcycles. Much of that was done in motorcycle shops. The tire machines take the feel out of it and can easily damage rims. Doing it by hand with screwdrivers or shorty tire irons is for amateurs. The longer curved tire irons work gangbusters. Less work... less hassle. You aren't near as apt to pinch a tube and I've yet to find a tire I couldn't mount with these. Shortly after I retired, someone snagged my old ones. I bought a pair of these and find them to be more than suitable replacements. They'll go to my son when I shuffle off and I have confidence that he'll get a lifetime's worth of use out of them. They're well worth the investment."
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