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BikeMaster Front Turn Signal BikeMaster Front Turn Signal Banditsheep - Works but needs some finessing. "Perfect fit for a 2002 Suzuki 1200S Bandit. It's more flimsy than the original and lacks the internal rubber weather seal the original has. The connector fits perfectly, but I had to turn the two-post light bulb connector inside of it 180 degrees for it to work. As shipped, it tries to use the upper, larger filament to flash, but should be using the smaller, lower one. If your bulb is flashing dimmer and faster, then do what I did. Based on the overall flimsy construction, I'd say it's about $15.00 over priced."
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BikeMaster Rear Turn Signal Stem BikeMaster Rear Turn Signal Stem DDAY - Spokane Valley, WA, USA Better than OEM "I recently ordered and received two rear blinker stems for my '83 Honda CX 650. The Motosport website was easy to navigate and gave me instant feedback on parts compatibility. The rear signal stems look the same as OEM and are better designed and more durable than the original for half the price. Definitely going to MotoSports for parts!"
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