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BikeMaster Hex Axle Tool BikeMaster Hex Axle Tool Ooot - What else would you use? "If you have a large hex axle there aren't many other options. In a pinch I've used the head of a metric bolt with two nuts locked together, but bolts aren't always strong enough for the job. There really isn't any other choice, luckily the price makes this a good value."
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BikeMaster Heavy Duty Tire Iron BikeMaster Heavy Duty Tire Iron Action169 - Imperial, MO, USA Heavy duty tire iron "If u haven't used a tire iron of this size, u don't know what ur missing. Makes changing stubborn old & mini tires a breeze!!! I had long thought irons of this size were overkill and would only bend the rim. But proven wrong on no less than 4 front and rears mini sized and full size( Moto -Steel) rear with no flex sidewalls I am a true believer. If u change tires that are aged( more than 6+years) or change mini tires, u can't go wrong with this tool. VR Action169"
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