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RS Taichi Cool Ride Stretch Graphic Under Shirt - RSU277 RS Taichi Cool Ride Stretch Graphic Under Shirt - RSU277 Veloc - PDX Cooling when you need it. "It's tough to find a hot-weather baselayer that also has a high collar. I've tried offerings from Alpinestars and Bilt, and been left disappointed in their ability to keep me cool when temps - and more importantly humidity - spike at the track. RS Taichi really hit it out of the park on this one. Made of similar cool-fabric you'd find in Under Armor tops, but made into a full-length collared shirt designed for roadracers to wear under their suit. Seams are located away from binding points, sleeves are long enough to stick past the suit cuffs, and the collar is high enough to protect your neck from newer leather that can irritate. One word on sizing: overall the chart is correct, but if you're toward the small-end of the recommended size, go with the next size down. I prefer my base shirts to be a bit more snug, and while an XXL was the "correct" size for me (40"-41" chest, 6'1" tall, size 50), I think an XL would have been a little bit better. Still, even with the slack material, it was seriously comfortable and kept me cool in the 80ºF+ and 70%+ humidity of South-Central Texas in early Spring. Big thumbs-up."
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RS Taichi Windstopper Inner Suit - NXU914 RS Taichi Windstopper Inner Suit - NXU914 Mike - Chicago, IL, USA It does block the wind ! "I purchased this suit to wear under my riding gear in order to block the wind from my body. I have been out a few times this year and it seems to work very well when at 50F-55F. Even with 20+ mph winds. The fit is good, minus the crotch/zipper area where you get major camel toe :-) So, maybe the inseam could be longer. That said, it is one suit I could find with a reverse 2nd zipper pull so I dont have to take the entire suit off in order to take a leak."
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