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Dunlop Mini Tire Combo Dunlop Mini Tire Combo RAVENAROCKET - Dunlop MX52 "First - I want to think MotoSport for the fast service. Now about the tires, the techs were very impressed with the tires (which means they took them for a test ride - they do not sell this tire at their store/shop). My first ride on them started on the road leading to the trails I ride. They did not have much road noise unlike the old tires I had and the ride was smooth. On the road cornering was great, and they stopped very well. Off road they held in the turns on grass and dirt very well. I felt the bike was under me and in control. They did well on the jumps and braking. I was use to the cheaper tires that came on the kx100. I found these tires to do very well on the hard pack clay, loose dirt and trails where I live. Would recommend these tires to others Purchased the combo about three weeks ago for my kx100 for some mixed terrain (sand,mud gravel, and dirt) and they grip like crazy on every surface! As of the time of this review only the rear has been installed. Only minor issue I ran into was the bead not lining up right at first but once I rode it the settled into the right position I could not review the durability since I just put them on last week but so far I really like the tires, the price was awesome and they showed up a day early (2 or 3 days total shipping time). The rear was difficult to put on but only due to the size of the tire, not style or make. If you don't know what you are doing it might be worth paying someone who does. Having the right spoons made all the difference in the world. I popped 3 tubes with spoons that were too big for the job. Once I got the right size I changed 2 sets of these with no issues. The spoon that worked best had a very small hook on the end instead of wide shape...the wide shape caused the spoon to slide into rim and grab the tube whereas the little hook grabbed the side of the rim and stayed put. The tires themselves though were a huge upgrade to my kx 100. ~Dunlop is one of top tires on the market, one will not be disappointed with a set of these."
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Michelin Starcross 5 Tire Combo Michelin Starcross 5 Tire Combo NateB - Ohio, USA Awesome Tires "Very grippy in the trails in a mix of grass/sand/mud/hard pack. About 10 hours on them now and loving it. Several steep hills that used to give me trouble are no problem now. On a 2007 KX250F ."
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