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ASV C5 Sportbike Brake And Clutch Lever Kit ASV C5 Sportbike Brake And Clutch Lever Kit Jkirks 5 out of 5 stars Awesome levers! "Great levers!! The amount of adjustability in Tn these levers is amazing. I had a pair of "roll a click" style levers before and found that one click at the base of the lever resulted in a far greater adjustment at the end. With these, you can make precise adjustments to place the clutch and brake EXACTLY where you need them for fast, smooth control."
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ASV C5 Sportbike Brake And Clutch Lever Kit ASV C5 Sportbike Brake And Clutch Lever Kit Neojin - FL 1 out of 5 stars What Adjustability? "Purchased these for a 2012 Gixxer 750. Firstly, these are very easy to install and come with very good instructions. The look and feel of the levers are above the OEM levers without a doubt. The brake lever works like a charm. So what's the problem? The clutch lever doesn't work for this bike. Two challenges, the neutral kill switch tab is engaged on the lower adjustable settings. Meaning the bike won't start, or get ready for an F1 error on your dash. Not a problem, you say? Try downshifting while having this problem and you'll see what happens. Second problem, even if you solve the kill switch problem by reducing the size of the tab on the switch, the lower settings allow the lever to hit the "mode selection switch". If you're a squid, or experience hand fatigue after a long ride, you tend to pull the lever a bit more than needed. So get ready for constantly switching from A to B mode... The way I see it, yes, many aftermarket parts require modifications on your bike. However, for the price, and the simple nature of the part, I expect better. The lever comes with multiple attachments to choose from, why not include an attachment that doesn't create this problem on Suzuki's? Yes, I said Suzuki's. The lever isn't functional on the B-King either."
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