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Alpinestars Rotor Hoody Alpinestars Rotor Hoody PupDog - Texas "Rotor logo is almost invisible for being the same color as the sweatshirt. If it wasn't a tad glossy you wouldn't see it at all. Might as well just have tthe yellow star because you have to look at it hard to even figure out what the rotor part of the decal is. They should have used a compliment color with the rotor, or at least avoided making it the exact same color as the sweatshirt. As to the cuffs, they are as large as the sleves and don't look right for not being a bit taut. So they are not going to keep cold air out and it looks like a second that had cuffs from two sizes up sewn to the sleeves. Effectively this is a second. Alpinestars should take more pride in their merchandise quality than this. If you are going to get stuff from China, than at least make sure it is what you asked them for. Makes me wonder about replacing any of my safety gear now."
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Alpinestars SMX-1 R Vented Boots Alpinestars SMX-1 R Vented Boots Jweller84 - Best riding boots found "I've had these few weeks now and they fit perfectly got em in size 40 and I wear size 8 they look good and perfect for what I do I've been looking for boots for awhile but didn't want a whole boots more like shoes and these are perfect would recommend to anyone"
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