Best Ways to Increase Horse Power: Make Your Own Dirt Bike Go Faster

It is strange to think that the power of motorcycles is still measured in horsepower. I guess nothing really has changed in a century. However, this assumption is not true, as anyone in the modern motorcycle world can explain. This is amazing because it means that there are amazing things can still be achieved. Like making a dirt bike go faster, for example.

Understanding Horse Power

What exactly is horsepower? It is a measurement of power and one horsepower can be equated to 550 foot pounds per second. This can also be looked at as 745.7 watts of power. To make a motorcycle more powerful, simply increase the horsepower. This can be done in a variety of ways. One easy way is choosing a better forming gas to fuel the motorcycle, opposed to simply using standard gas from the pump. Another and more practical approach is to completely change the design to make your own dirt bike.

It is all about changing the design

Admittedly, changing the gas used to power the motorcycle will only yield an increase in one or maybe two horsepower. What really needs to happen is a change in the design. Today’s innovative market provides the tools, when wanting to make your own dirt bike, to take advantage of the wide variety of motocross parts and accessories. This includes the exhaust system, brakes and discs, and the wheels and tires.

The exhaust system

Understanding the exhaust system and how it relates to horsepower is crucial when wanting to increase horsepower. Some would agree that a major goal, when modifying the exhaust system, is to try to take off any unneeded weight. Sometimes, this can be achieved relatively easily by simply switching out the exhaust pipe for one that is designed to be slimmer and weigh far less. However, to see a real difference and to increase horsepower, completely changing the exhaust system with one smaller, different shaped, and lighter in combination with a lighter muffler will be giving a better result. With that being said, it should be noted that shortening the rod to increase horsepower in a four-stroke engine, stroking the engine, should be avoided in AMA Pro racing because it is illegal.

Brakes, pads and discs

The abundance of motocross parts & accessories can make choosing the right modification seem overwhelming. Sometimes modifications to the bike will not help increase horsepower if things like the brakes and hydraulic fluid are not properly monitored. Worn out brake pads can also decrease horsepower so routinely replacing them, making sure they are always in good condition, can ultimately help maintain horsepower. The same good advice can be said about the discs.

Written By: AndrewT