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AFX FX-88 Helmet AFX FX-88 Helmet Jonsolo - Sacramento ca Dose it's job "Save my life more then once. Matter of fact day one, just 15 minutes into a brand new bike I peg scrape in a turn and was slingshot off my bike into an island dividing a road with large bolders. My head hit the bolders after my body tumble through the dirt. Yeah any helmet would probably do in a situation like that but this helmet just so happens to be the one. Highly recommend if you like the half mask but my next onen is going to be a full face. (AFX-FX41)"
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AFX FX-90 Helmet AFX FX-90 Helmet Kirsten - WA Good helmet for the price "I had this helmet for about 3 years and have been very happy with it. It's comfortable and stylish--my only complaint is that the face shield fogs up easily in cold weather. I had the black model and added yellow reflective tape. I retired this helmet a couple weeks ago because I was involved in a minor crash. Obviously the most important helmet feature is safety, and this one absolutely saved my head and did its job."
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AFX Helmets Buck Trends

In the 1990s, the founders of AFX helmets sensed a trend among helmet manufacturers to inflate prices every year without offering significant innovations or improvements. So, in 1996, AFX used a "clean sheet" approach and manufactured eight moderately priced helmets stocked with features.

Today dozens of AFX helmets offer a bigger bang for the buck mentality and the product line includes Dual Sport, Full Face, Half Shell and Open Face helmets. AFX helmets feature sleek looking designs, affordable prices, comfort and safety.

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