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AFX FX-72 Helmet - Stealth AFX FX-72 Helmet - Stealth Spongeman - Florida, USA 5 out of 5 stars Great Helmet "I wore the helmet for four hours one way; no problem and no sore neck. The helmet is light and comfortable. I have a headset and the mic is a little short due to wear it can be clamped because of the visor mounts. Other than that don't hesitate. Had compliments on the helmet. Caught in the rain and used the visor which protected the sunglasses; was able to see much better. The smoked visor also helped in the morning sun while traveling East. Helmet size was true to measurements. Spongeman"
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AFX FX-200 Slick Helmet AFX FX-200 Slick Helmet Richard - 3 out of 5 stars small helmet aizes "Ordered a medium thinking it would fit like a full face helmet and nope. Not even close. By the looks of this I need an extra extra large. It is like a child's helmet"
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