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Alpinestars Bogota Drystar Jacket Alpinestars Bogota Drystar Jacket nardo53 - Nice Jacket "A little tight but its new and it has not yet relaxed yet. Took it on a 350 mile ride and was comfortable and warm. Weather was mid 50's. The only thing I don't like is it zips up on the opposite side then I'm use too."
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Fly Terra Trek 4 Jacket Fly Terra Trek 4 Jacket Mark - Ohio Fly terra trek 4 jacket "I have worn leather jackets for 30+ years. I'd been wanting a new riding jacket for awhile. Lots of choices. Saw a short article on this jacket, liked the look. Thought what the heck. It's very comfortable with liner in or out. The ventilation on a warm day is great. Never had that with the leather jacket. I don't know why I didn't go with this type of jacket sooner. Touring length is nice also. Definitely a nice jacket. Price isn't bad either. I've retired the leather."
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