Sidi New York Riding Shoes

Sidi New York Riding Shoes
Sidi New York Riding Shoes

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Sidi Design Series, or S.D.S., is a collection of products that are designed by Sidi's engineering / design team but are produced by outside suppliers. Sidi prefers to keep it very clear as to what items are manufactured at its own factories and what items are sourced to outside suppliers. In this way the integrity and value on the Sidi brand is maintained for all its clients and riders while at the same time providing the market some interesting new products from the new Sidi Design Series.

  • A Sidi Design Series (SDS) riding shoe.
  • Designed by Sidi - manufactured in China.
  • Low-cut design.
  • Light-duty inner sole.
  • Removable arch support pad.
  • Non-slip rubber sole.
  • Double stitched in all high stress areas.
  • Lace and hook-and-loop closure.
  • Leather with nylon mesh upper construction.
  • Ankle ball protection.
  • Heel reflective panel.

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Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Q: Riding Boots or Riding Shoes?
Over 3 years ago
i was curious what benefits would i get from a 3,4,500 + Riding boot, vs. a pair of , say "100" riding shoes. That is to say, what are the differences between boots and riding shoes, regardless of price. i use my bike as a daily driver
MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: Typically riding boots are going to be much more protective. They are usually stiffer so if you are a touring rider that will be doing a lot of walking also, they may not be as comfy as shoes. A lot will depend on your riding style. If you ride hard and push the limits then the boots are going to be safer in the event that something does happen. For a casual rider there is nothing wrong with a pair of the shoes. It really comes down to protection and comfort. Boots for the most part are more protective and shoes are going to be more comfortable. Based on how you ride it will be up to you which end of the spectrum you will want to go to.
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