Repsol Moto DOT4 Brake Fluid

Repsol Moto DOT4 Brake Fluid
Repsol Moto DOT4 Brake Fluid

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Moto DOT4 is a special polyethylene glycol based product developed and designed by Repsol for motorcycle hydraulic systems working in severe conditions where DOT 4 or DOT 3 fluid is recommended. It ensures maximum efficiency and optimum operating stability of the brake system, and is recommended for high-performance vehicles and in all types of brake systems that require a product with this level of quality.

  • Synthetic brake fluid designed for motorcycle hydraulic systems where DOT 4 or DOT 3 quality level is recommended.
  • Synthetic fluid designed for hydraulic brake and clutch systems operating under severe service conditions.
  • Ensures maximum efficiency and optimum operating stability of the brake master cylinder with a wet boiling point of >500F (>260C).
  • Minimum wet boiling point: 311F (155C).
  • Prevents foam formation.
  • Highly resistant to oxidation.
  • Compatible with joints and seals, thus preventing fluid loss risks.
  • Protects metals in the hydraulic system against corrosion.
  • Note: Should not be mixed with brake fluids of a different quality level or with used products; the liquid should be exchanged in the entire system.

Quality levels:

  • UNE 26-109-88.
  • INTA 1571-13-D.
  • FMVSS 116 DOT 3 and DOT 4.
  • SAE J1703, J1704.
  • ISO 4925.

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Verified Purchaser MotoSport Staff Expert
Repsol Moto DOT4 Brake Fluid

At first I didn't see the difference from this and cheaper products. Until I did a track day, and that is where I saw the difference. I felt almost no lever change the whole day. Lever stayed nice and firm consistently. Repsol brake fluid can definitely hold up to the heat of braking, I highly recommend it.

Verified Purchaser
Bama (Roll Tide)
Great brake fluid!

Recently changed out the unknown fluid with this stuff. Can't say that it is a huge difference, but afterward I did notice a slightly better braking feel. Of course, it is also Repsol... who better to use on my Honda 954??

Repsol Moto DOT4 Brake Fluid

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