Nolan N-COM BT3 Ebox

Nolan N-COM BT3 Ebox
Nolan N-COM BT3 Ebox

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The BlueTooth3 Kit is the newest version of the NCom Bluetooth Ebox, to be used with the current Basic Kit 2. It offers the same integration level as Nolan's previous versions, and new features that will please all types of riders:

  • Rider to passenger communication via Bluetooth.
  • Bike-to-bike communication between two Bluetooth B3 systems up to a distance of 550 yards.
  • FM Radio with RDS function (to stay tuned to the same radio station for the entire ride), with 6 pre-settings for your favorite radio stations.
  • Other devices can be connected to the B3: Music players and other devices using a standard headphone jack can be connected via a wire and other Bluetooth enabled devices such as a cell-phone and a GPS can be paired through the Bluetooth connection.
  • Firmware updates as well as presetting of the radio stations, volume controls, etc., can be done by connecting the BlueTooth3 to a computer via the jack-to-USB cable (included) with the NCom Wizard program.
  • Limited warranty valid for 2 (two) years from the date of purchase.
  • Connection to the Honda Gold Wing with the optional Gold Wing wire (sold separately) to listen to the bike's music, talk over the intercom system or the CB.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Weight: 0.56 pounds (E-Box only).
  • Intercom: Bluetooth - rider to passenger.
  • Mobile phone: Bluetooth.
  • MP3 player: Bluetooth A2DP profile.
  • GPS satellite navigator: Bluetooth.
  • Conference call: 3-Way telephone call - rider, passenger and caller.
  • GPS conference: Intercom active with GPS instructions.
  • Bike-to-bike: Bluetooth intercom - rider to rider 500 meters.
  • Bike-to-bike call: Bluetooth 4 Bikes - one-to-one intercom.
  • N-Com compatibility: Yes - N-Com Bluetooth systems.
  • Intercom - wired: Rider to passenger.
  • MP3 player - wired: Multimedia X-wire.
  • GPS - wired: Specific multimedia wire.
  • PMR and GMRS radio: Specific multimedia wire.
  • Motorcycle audio systems: Specific multimedia wire.
  • FM radio: Integrated with RDS and 6 pre-sets.
  • PC connection: Manage via USB wire.

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