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Shinko 011 Verge Tire Combo Shinko 011 Verge Tire Combo - Portland, OR, USA So far, so good! "I've only got around two hundred miles on these Shinko Verge 011's but no complaints so far."
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Vemar Jiano Modular Helmet Vemar Jiano Modular Helmet - Dartmouth, MA, USA FITS ME QUITE WELL. "Alright, so we are in the middle of a blizzard named MARS here in New England, and the UPS guy deluvers my new VEMAR JIANO helmet. I cant really testify to how great it is while actually using it. But Ill tell you this. It fits me well, it isnt heavy and it seems very well made for the short money I paid for it. Quality is definately there. And I love being different anyway. Very stylish helmet w an Italian flair. AND THEY EVEN THREW IN AN EXTRA FACE SHEILD. TY MOTOSPORTS!!!!!!"
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