Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S20 Tire Combo

Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S20 Tire Combo
Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S20 Tire Combo

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Tinnnian Verified Purchaser
San Antonio, TX, USA
Durability 3/5 Ease of Installation 3/5 Performance 5/5 Style 3/5
S20 on a ZRX1100

Before I start, the lower ratings for ease of install, style and durability are for a reason.

1, Ease of installation. I paid someone else to do it so for me, pretty easy.

2, Style. They're round and have tread. Yep, looks like a tire.

3, Durability. I have only put 300-400 miles on them so far.

This is also not my first rodeo with They have never done anything but come through quickly and correctly. I trust them (...and ME saying that is something indeed.)

Now, the rest of the story. I bought these as the 2CTs I had were pretty much shot. A couple of friends were singing the praises of these and the 016s, so I decided to try them. At the same time, I managed to procure tickets to MotoGP at CotA. I thought that there was an appropriateness there somewhere. At any rate, I had them installed 3 days before we were supposed to leave for Austin since I tend to not worry about "scrub-in" or whatever you want to call it. On the morning that we were supposed to leave we woke up to some good thunder and hard rain. After contemplating leaving the bikes at home and taking our cars 2 of us (out of 14) decided to go ahead and go. We paid for parade laps and all of that and just couldn't see letting that money go.

Steady rain to Bastrop (hotel was there), rain during the parade laps and rain all the way home and not one single slip. I am amazed by these tires. I had a set of the 45s a few years back on a little 250 and I hated them. I even swore off of Bridgestones altogether after those. My heart has been changed and dollars be damned, I will never have anything else on my Rex.

Scubastv Verified Purchaser
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Good tire great price

Put them on supermoto bike and they worked great. Two full days at the track and plenty left. Would buy again

carsten Verified Purchaser
Durability 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Great performance.

Have these mounted to a s1000rr and so far have 2000 miles including two track days. The wear is great and warms up very quickly.
Originally came of bt16 and these are a big improvement.
Would definitely recommend this tire

knightmoto Verified Purchaser
san fernando ,CA.
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Short Performance

Although I just mounted these tires and have had them on for about a month they stick great in turns and track very well, this time I went with a 55 instead of the 50 and seem to get a bit better of a smoother ride as well as lean angle on the bike for cornering. I'll rate again after 6 months and see how they re doing.

Slidingin Verified Purchaser
Valley Center, CA, USA
Durability 4/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5

This is the best sport bike tire yet. they heat up quickly and work well in wet and dry conditions. I get about 1500 miles out of a set and i push them very hard and even when they are almost gone they are still hooking up great. cant wait to see what bridgestone comes up with next. Keep your knee on the pavement and the rubber side down.

weekendwarrior Verified Purchaser
Visalia, CA, USA
Awesome tyres!!!

got these tires on couple weeks ago and been riding, I can already tell the difference! feels really stable and great around corners. something about the rubber compound seems to grip the road really well.

Maine, USA
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 4/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5

I used these tires on my '12 GSX-R 1000 and they were AWESOME! I live in Maine and the roads are terrible. They stuck to the road well, even in the hardest downpours and cold weather. I would say I'm a pretty aggressive rider, always accelerating and braking hard! I still got about 4500 miles out of the rear and could have gone longer. (Only reason i replaced it is cause it wouldn't pass inspection.) The front tire is still going at about 5000 miles, but It is starting to cup/feather a little from the crowned roads. I might get another 1000 miles on it. Ride was comfy and feel was great! I will definitely buy again.

Dave Verified Purchaser
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Great tires

Tires stick amazingly. This is my second set and can't see getting a different tire. Fast shipping and great service as well.

Fazedout6 Verified Purchaser
Maypearl, TX
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Great tires

I buy all of my tires from Motosport and they are great. I ride in all weather conditions in Texas. I also ride Monday through Friday sixty miles round trip to work and back. These tires stick better than any tire I have previously owned. I have used them in 20 degrees to 112 degrees in rain following a tornado on the way home from work,and they stay consistent in feel through all the weather i have been in. I have to admit it is also cool to see the moto gp sticker on them. By the way they are now the stock tires for the Gsx- r.

Felipe09ZX6R Verified Purchaser
Coachella, CA
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Great tires

I got these tires a few months ago and they handle great, they are pretty sticky and perform really good when doing turns and high speed. I would totally recomend

Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S20 Tire Combo
Los Angeles, CA
Durability 3/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
S20 review

The S20 is an amazing tire! I bought them to take to my first track day and they held up amazingly well, I liked them so much I kept them on my bike to ride in the canyons in california. These tires for the price as almost a steal! the grip on these tires are equal if not better to tires costing much more. The tread life is around 4k miles which is great for the amount of grip you get! I will definitely keep getting these tires

detroit, michigan
Durability 4/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
These tires are great

I've had these tires for a few months now, and they are awsome! I had pirellis on my bike before and these tires are just as good if not better. They handle very well in dry or wet conditions, and are great in a deep lean. I would definately recomend these for anyone. And on top of the performance, the price is great!

Oak Harbor, WA
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5

We looked at a few different sites, but no one compared when it came to the low prices at MotoSport! To top it off they even added in FREE three day shipping. The tires came quickly and packaged very well. We will definitely be using MotoSport again for our Motorcycle needs!

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Durability 4/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Great tires

I hated the OEM Dunlop D210s that came on my 2011 Z1000 and was actually glad that the rear picked up a nasty puncture. Having ridden BT016 (track bike) and BT023 (street bike) in the past, I gave the S20s a try. Fantastic tires - I went to a slightly higher profile in the rear (went to 190/55 from 190/50). Also dropped the tire pressure from the 36/42 in the owners manual to what I thought was more in line with the ideal pressures for my combined bike + rider weight - now I'm running 33/38 and like the feel and turn in much better. The traction and feel of these tires is great. As for durability, I have about 1600 miles on them now and don't see much wear, so I suspect they will be at least as durable as the BT023s. Most of those miles was spent riding hard on twisty roads in Arkansas and I couldn't be happier with them.

Washington, DC
Durability 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5

These are the third set of tires I've tried and these by far out do the others. I ride long distances (6+ hours) on occasion, I get the bike all the way over at slow and excessive speed, I will and often do ride in the rain and have always had the utmost faith in these tires unlike my last pair. Track day in 2 weeks and I'll have put them through everything. Will run these tires again and again.

Battla s20 set... Awesome!

ok, So, I bought these based on a referal. I needed new tires anyways so I went online, these were on sale. I got them about a week later and have had them on now about 300 miles. I live in Tucson,AZ so mountains are my friend. These tires stuck like glue, It actually increased my confidence as a rider on my new R1. Were actually in the middle of monsoon season here and I have ridden most of my miles in the rain, I didnt have to alter the way I ride at all. I switched from the SC2s, I wont be going back!

Colorado Springs, CO
Stepping up the game

stepped up to these from BT023 on Ducati 900SS. Found significant increase in grip, line predictability and feel. Seem to grip well almost immediately. Haven't ridden in rain yet, it just hasn't rained. More confidence while riding mountain roads.

Noel, MO
Battlax S20 Combo

My Honda 919 was in dire need of new tires. After reading several magazine reviews I decided to try the new Battleax S20. So far I have put about 1000 miles on them and could not be happier. They have excellent grip and the feedback from the front end is great. They broke in quickly, but are not showing any signs of wear yet, even though most of their use is from straight line commuting duties. I would strongly recommend these tires for anything short of hard core track use.

Elizabethton, TN
Awesome tyres

Ive been running these on the street for 400 miles. They offer gr8 feedback, alot of grip on the front while trail braking, just need to really dial n the pressure on the rear if ur riding aggressive, street or track. Best DOT street Bridgestones yet!! Great fast delivery, thanx Motosport!!!

Rear tyre after scuffing in.
Vancouver, BC
Great Tires

Great tires! Heats up fast and sticky.

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5 Questions
Answered:   5
Not Yet:   0
Location: Australia
Q: Would the Bridgestone s20 190 / 55zr17m / c ( 75 ) fit onto my kawasaki z 1000 2011 ?
2 years 6 months ago
Top 1 Contributor
2 years 6 months ago
A: Here is the stock sizing I see listed for your 2011 Kawasaki Z1000:

OEM Stock Sizes for a 2011 Kawasaki ZR1000 - Z1000
Front Tire: 120/70x17 Rear Tire: 190/50x17

Yes, the S20s come in those sizes!
Location: North Carolina
Q: Center compound?
Over 3 years ago
I have by016 pros and was wondering if the s20 had a harder center compound than the 16 pro?
MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: Based on the information from Bridgestone, they do not mention anything about the compound being different. They only show the dimensions of the center compound were changed. You can view a tire comparison from Bridgestone regarding the the S20 and 016 Pro here :
Over 3 years ago Location: Valley Center, CA, USA
A: The center compounds on both are basicly the same, the diferances in the 16-pro and the s-20 come in at the tread patern and edge compound and the main carcas. the S-20 heats up faster and works on a wider range of asphalt conditions in wet or dry
Q: How many miles are the tires good for?
Over 4 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: Tire wear varies so greatly I am unable to provide a number of miles for you. There are a lot of factors that can play a part in tire wear, starting with what bike they are going on, if kept at proper tire pressure, road conditions of where you ride and riding style. For the most information I would look at a forum that is specific to your bike model, and see what kind of miles guys are getting out of these.
Over 4 years ago
A: 5000
Over 3 years ago Location: Valley Center, CA, USA
A: You have to answer three questions first
1) how agressive do you ride.
2) how corse is the asphalt.
3) at what air pressure are they set
I ride very agressive and our roads are pretty coarse and i run higher pressures in mine and i get about 1500 miles
2 years 7 months ago Location: Corpus Christi, TX, USA
A: My 2013 Hayabusa is my daily driver. I'm a pretty tame rider and the terrain here is straight and smooth. I just hit 7200 miles on mine and it is time to replace, for sure.
Location: Hou, Tx
Q: Which is better for 5.5 in rim, the 190/50 or 190/55?
Over 4 years ago
Honda VTR1000
MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: The difference in the two sizes would be the profile height of the tire. The width will stay the same regardless and is really personal preference with how you like the bike to handle. If you go with the 190/55, they tend to lean over a little easier and faster into turns than the 190/50. Everyone is different with their setup, so may be a good idea to try something new to see if you like it.
Over 3 years ago Location: Valley Center, CA, USA
A: The second number is the percentage of sidewall height in relation to the width. changing it will change the bikes ride height and the way the bike turns in to a corner. So it's not as much about rim width as height
2 years 4 months ago Location: FL
A: A 5.5 inch rim is made for a 180 tire. A 6 inch rim
Is made for the 190s. Every manufacturer will recommend that.
Location: Jacksonville, FL, USA
Q: What tires do you recommend for my 2007 Triumph Sprint 1050 ST with ABS?
Over 4 years ago
The manual recommends Bridgestone BT020 NN but I can't seem to find them anywhere.
MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago Location: Portland, OR, USA
A: If you are looking for the NN designation specifically, you may need to get those through a Triumph dealer exclusively. It's common to run into tires that were made for specific models. If your Triumph dealer says that it isn't necessary to go with the NN designation and you want something close in performance- you could run the BT023, which is the replacement for the BT020 and BT021. If you would like more information, please feel free to give us a call so we can help you out. 1-888-676-8853.
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