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Alpinestars Viper Air Jacket Alpinestars Viper Air Jacket Donny - Houston, TX, USA A* Jacket for hot weather "I picked this jacket as a year rounder in Houston, TX. The jacket is really well made and I have no doubt it will provide all the protection I need when I come off my bike. The venting is not as extensive as some jackets I have seen, but some how it is very cool on the bike allowing lots of air flow to my body. I am between a large and an extra large in most brands. I went with a large with this jacket and it is a snug fit with a tee shirt or light long sleeve shirt. The sleeves are just the right length (maybe just a hair long), and the waist of the jacket is right at the waist line of a pair of blue jeans. The zipper is not the easiest thing to get started and is opposite (zipper pull is left handed) to every other zippered coat or jacket I have."
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Alpinestars Resist Tech Denim Pants Alpinestars Resist Tech Denim Pants Donny - Houston, TX, USA A* Jeans "Really expensive pair of blue jeans that I am sure will save my butt the next time I come off my bike. Very well made and comfortable. The material has some stretch to it, so it is comfortable for all day rides. Removable hip pad are the similar to MX pants. The knee pads provide full coverage for the knee and extend about 5 or 6 inches below the knee for shin protection. There is no access to the knee pads I can find, so any adjustment is made by pushing the pad around through the material. The fit is as listed, but the inseam is very long, so I had to have the pant legs shortened (cheap alteration at my local dry cleaners). Pants look just like regular blue jeans, so style is great."
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