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MSR Fork Support MSR Fork Support Alex - Portland, OR, USA Fork Support! "This does exactly what it is intended to. Holds the fork from compressing! People still tend to overtighten their straps with this support in, which can cause damage to the support. No need to!"
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Devol X-Shot Holeshot System Devol X-Shot Holeshot System Yamaha129 - Works, but not my favorite "I do like the idea of the 2 piece clamp, this saves lot of time not having to remove the fork. There is no template on exactly where to line up the latch before you drill your holes; you kind of have to guess where the center line is. The rubber cover on the latch is very cheesy, & not sealed up at all. It looks ugly on the fork guard. The holeshot does work, but I would recommend to my buddies to go buy a Pro Circuit holeshot, I have had good luck with them."
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