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SKF Shock Seal Head Unit SKF Shock Seal Head Unit JohnnyB - Clarksville, TN Do it! SKF for life! "I've used SKF seals in forks for a while so I was excited to try out their shock seal head. Install was just as easy as a normal seal head replacement and they offer a seal rebuild kit so you don't have to replace the whole unit when you just want to freshen up the seals later. That rebuild would be a lot easier than rebuilding a standard seal head especially if you were replacing the bushing. I used this seal head in conjunction with an MX-Tech low friction piston band and together they made a real difference in friction reduction. I'm measuring the stiction zone to be 7mm(difference between high spot and low spot of static sag). For reference, I've seen 20mm on rebuilds with conventional seal heads and piston bands. I measured this after a few hours of break in. The chassis was all cleaned, inspected and lubricated at the time of the shock rebuild. From what I can tell so far, this seal head helps reduce friction on the shock shaft without compromising seal integrity. I will update this review with a long term test after some more hours of ride time on it to let everyone know if I had issues with any oil leaks."
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Pivot Works Fork Seal & Bushing Kit Pivot Works Fork Seal & Bushing Kit Frap - Freetown, ma Perfect fit "Had all the parts I needed to rebuild, no problem going together."
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