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Artrax SE3 Rear Tire Artrax SE3 Rear Tire TevisG - Polo, IL Great tire for the price "Love this tire. Hooks up great and didnt cost a ton to do it. Only issue I has was I broke the wire that runs along the bead on install so the tire was useless. Thus I ordered another one. Second time it went on fine. Because of the cost of the tire I am not even mad. Issue I had was I tried to move too much tire at once over the rim. If you get this keep in mind you may need to install slower than what you are used to on other tires."
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Shinko 006 Podium Rear Tire Shinko 006 Podium Rear Tire Jeff - New Jersey, USA Great Tire "I have these tires on my 1987 fzr1000 that i use as a track day bike. Let me tell you these tires stick. They heat up fast and get nice and gummy. The are great in the rain also. These tires give me good feedback. Shinko is the only tire i can get in a 170 for the rear so thats why i went with them cause my bikes rear rim is an 18inch. I have 3 track days on them and so far so good."
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