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Trail Tech Vapor Computer Kit Trail Tech Vapor Computer Kit Raptorfubar - Miami, FL, USA Good speedometer "Got mine less than a week and the installation can be a headache until you figure it out. The speedometer is accurate on my raptor but, the rpm sensor is way off if you wrap it around the spark plug. Although, I will try fixing this by inserting the rpm sensor in the coil terminal which is one out of 4 options to install the rpm sensor. Now the engine temperature sensor requires you to cut the radiator hose and use couplings to attach the sensor where you cut the hose and seal it back in place. I skipped this step because I just didn't want to cut my hose open since it's a brand new 2016 raptor. Even though it's a good add on which also tells the time, miles, outside temperature, has a stop watch, and gives the accumulated ride time. Good buy overall."
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Moose Resettable Hour Meter Moose Resettable Hour Meter WRrider - Wapakoneta, OH Awesome "Installed this on my 08 WR450F. It was easy to install and only and took about 15 minutes to get installed. It makes keeping track of maintenance easy. I liked it so much I bought one for my brother too."
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