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KTM PowerParts Handguards - High KTM PowerParts Handguards - High BobF - Chico, CA Great hand and lever protection m "Great protection for hands and levers in hard riding. They fit and look great on the bike. Caution: My '16 300XCW came with KTM hand guards, apparently installed by the dealer, that attached only at the lever bolt. If your bike has these and your dealer did not include the original bolts and rubber covers where the clutch and brake levers connect to the bars, hold on tight. You'll need to use them and the replacement cost for OEM parts is around $50.00!"
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Puig Racing Windscreen Puig Racing Windscreen Ssrose - New York Puig is great!!! "This is such a great buy , the windscreen makes a world of a difference as soon as your in the tuck position you don't feel anything I'm glad I upgraded from the stock , the only thing that I didn't like was the shipping took a while because moto didn't have the part in their where house but other than that perfect!! I recommend!!!! All of my friends and I have this windscreen"
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