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CruzTOOLS Combo Axle Wrench CruzTOOLS Combo Axle Wrench - Portland, OR, USA axle wrench "exactly what it states it is. handles front and rear axle nuts and is good for a trail pack"
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Motion Pro T-6 Tire Lever Motion Pro T-6 Tire Lever CRUnlimited - Costa Rica Soooooo light !!!!! "Unbelievable how light these tools are ! They don´t pinch the tube because of the shape. They are also multipurpose. Make sure you get the size you need for your bike. You will probably still need other tools to change your tire depending on your bike, but this tool is so light, it´s just the best tool for carrying in your tool bag while riding. We have other similar tools, but these are the ones we use them all the time. Recommended 100 %"
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