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MSR Standard Footpegs MSR Standard Footpegs KTMXCRider - Warren, OH, USA Decent Peg "Good solid set of pegs. I purchased these for the 1/2" offset because Im tall and I want it to be easier to transition from sitting to standing. The base is wide and the arch is nice. My biggest complaint is they aren't very sharp and my feet slip of the pegs easily after my boots gets muddy or wet. They need to be sharpened!"
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Lightspeed Footpegs Lightspeed Footpegs CRFpilot292 - Wausau, WI, USA ~1/2 LB Lighter than stock pegs, nice grip "I was a little skeptical paying over $200 for pegs, however, seeing other aftermarket pegs break completely off the bike, I wanted to ensure my own safety. The Lightspeed pegs are tough, I crashed without any damage to my Lightspeed foot pegs. They are slightly wider than stock but the main reason I bought these pegs over any other foot peg was the 1/4" lower height as my 2013 Honda CRF450R seemed a little cramped. The grip is great and overall if feel a bit more comfortable on my smaller framed Honda."
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