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Hinson Clutch Fiber, Steel, Spring Kit Hinson Clutch Fiber, Steel, Spring Kit Moto247 - Spokane, WA, USA Holeshot City "Was struggling off the line with my bike, replaced with this and immediately started doing better. The Hinson springs are stiff, if you don't run hydrolic clutch the pair this with Motion Pros T3 clutch cable for smooth as butter lever pull."
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NGK Spark Plug NGK Spark Plug Veloc - PDX NGK or Bust (literally) "I've tried all sorts of spark plugs over the years, trying to save a buck here and there... Each time I've done so, I've had to go buy an NGK to get things running properly again. Overheating plugs due to inaccurate heat range rating, galled threads due to cheap metal in the base, insulator crumbling to dust, electrodes eroding extremely fast, and crazy misfires are all issues I've found with other, cheaper brands of plug. Not once have I had an issue with an NGK plug that wasn't caused by my own ham-handedness (socket slips, dropping them onto concrete, etc...). NGK for trouble-free operation."
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