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BikeMaster TruGel Battery BikeMaster TruGel Battery JTFick - Detroit, MI Thanks Motosport!! "I ordered this battery Sunday evening and had it at my door Wednesday fully charged. Best battery on the market for the price. Prior to placing my order, I checked out places that sell this exact battery and I couldn't get it any sooner than 3 weeks. You guys have never let me down and if anything, you've surpassed my expectations!!"
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Rumble Concept Joker LED Turn Signals Rumble Concept Joker LED Turn Signals marsh591 - Sterling, Il cheap but work.. "bought them for the design to match my bike look... mistake.. should bought more expensive pair. they twist around when put on . the bullet connector they come with do not have the female counterpart and i could not find a matching female connector so i had to cut them off and put my own.. not as bright as i wished. want to get everyone's attention but the stock taillight is bright than the turn signals.. i will buy the more expensive pair soon"
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