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ARC Folding Brake Lever ARC Folding Brake Lever LPCR - Guancaste, Costa Rica "Just did my third ride with the levers. I bought this product after bending one lever and braking another one on different rides. but since I installed them haven't had a big fall or anything that could bent/break a lever therefore just need more rides to provide a full review. However this is what i can say for now on the levers. Installation was super easy and fast, no adjustments needed perfect fit!!! The style and looks perfect on the bike. Durability its only the third ride so will we posting after a longer use period or wait until a problem happens to update on the durability. Performance wise they feel perfect and better shape than the original levers. Light but strong!!!!"
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Pro Taper Profile Clutch Perch Pro Taper Profile Clutch Perch Scrappy249 - Deer Park N.Y Excellent piece of hardware "So far the best clutch setup Ive ridden with. On the fly adjustment is easily accessible with one finger as your on the move or in the air"
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